It was a really nice party among friends. Mark and Deirdre held it at their place, but several other couples contributed to its success. The time was July, warm, not too hot. Most of the couples were wearing shorts and sandals. The sandals ranged from beach sandals to very nice dress sandals with heels. Most were casual. One woman stood out because she was dressed much more tailored than the others. Marcia was wearing a light white long sleeve, low cut blouse with a tailored pleated navy skirt that came not quite to her knees. Very pale beige nylons and brand new dressy navy calf pumps with 1” heels. These had a natty leather bow at the throat. There was a little gold ornament in the center of the bow.

Marcia had become the discussion of two couples in the kitchen. One of the women commented on how she looked dressed for church, not a party. One of the men, Mark, said she looked so fresh and clean he’d feel comfortable eating out of her shoes! Deirdre said that she was told, several years before she pledged her sorority, that they made all the pledges eat out of their shoes. The pledges showed up that evening all dressed up (as they were told to). The sisters led them all to the kitchen where there was a large bowl full of bananas, containers of ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and strawberry stuff. Each pledge was told to make a banana split in her right shoe. The creation judged best after 10 minutes would win. The creator would get a special prize. Well, they worked and the house sisters came in and looked at all the desert creations. One was chosen to be the best. The losers had to step up to the shoe to their right and had to eat all of that desert out of that shoe! The winner’s prize was she got to eat out of her shoe. Deirdre said she was glad they didn’t do that when she pledged. Some of the shoes were well worn and probably smelled! She said Marcia’s new pumps would have been in great demand. The other man, Jim, suggested they make a banana split out of Marcia’s shoe. One asked who would eat the split? They decided Marcia’s husband, Bill, would get the honors.

Deirdre and Heather headed out to the porch and relieved Marcia of her right shoe. They told her it was a secret and took the shoe to the kitchen, closed the door and all four made a banana split. The ice cream had been eaten up but they had some bananas, chocolate syrup, honey, and whipped cream. Jim took photos of the shoe before, during the preparation, and a couple during the eating. A banana was broken in half, the two half inserted into the toe of the shoe. Then honey was drizzled inside the shoe (plenty was allowed to spill onto the toe). Then the chocolate syrup, and the whipped cream. A spoon was added. Heather went back out to fetch Marcia and Bill. Many of the other guests came and looked into the kitchen out of curiosity. Marcia was shocked. Then Bill was led over and told he had to eat the banana split. There was a lot of laughter, jokes about whether Marcia had washed her feet. One woman Kelly got almost hyper about it. She kept kidding Marcia and even pulled her other pump off and wanted them to boil it on the stove. Bill good naturedly started eating the banana split, while Marcia groaned about her new shoes. Kelly was getting obnoxious, they had to take Marcia’s other shoe from her twice. She stole another woman’s flat sandal and that was taken away. She was single, at the party alone, and everyone could understand why! Bill did a good job. The syrup, honey and whipped cream mixed with the now softened banana to create a fair amount of slop in her shoe. Bill licked and dabbed with fingers as best he could. He licked the toe, the bow, and along the sides where it all ran down. When he was through they rinsed the shoe off in the sink, dried it with a towel and gave it back to Marcia.

But, Dierdre and Heather weren’t through. They felt that Kelly had to get some of the medicine she had been so willing and anxious to dish out to poor Marcia, who had been such a good sport she was given a standing ovation when she put her somewhat damp shoe back on. Kelly was held firm by Jim and Mark while Deirdre and Heather took one of her shoes. Kelly was wearing a very short ivory skirt with a knit ivory and brown print top. She had a dark brown calfskin leather belt and matching sandals. These were very nice sandals with two buckled cross straps and a sling back. Dark brown calfskin leather with a leather sole and 3” stacked leather chunky heel. They all saw that Kelly’s sandals were Italian, leather soles, heels, and lining. The calfskin was very glossy and they’d either been worn very little or taken very wll care of. Jim and Mark has to keep holding Kelly, though she wasn’t struggling as much as before, they just couldn’t trust her to be a good sport like Marcia. Deirdre and Heather prepared the sandal just like Marcia’s pump. Jim took photos of the process again. When they were through, they realized Kelly didn’t have a date. Who was going to eat the banana split? Someone suggested that since the whole thing was Deirdre’s idea, he husband should do it. Deirdre couldn’t argue against that, though she colored a little at the idea of her husband eating out of another woman’s shoe in front of all their freinds. Kelly was a very sexy woman, but she knew Kelly’s personality was a turnoff to most men, Mark included. Mark rolled up his sleeves (litterally) and started in. Kelly kept yelling for him to not get the shoes messed up any worse than he had to. He got sloppier and sloppier the more she yelled. He slurped, licked the goop all over the sandal. Then he used his fingers to wipe as much out of the inside as he could, making sure he got as much of the sticky goo on his hands all over the sandal. Deirdre wanted to make Kelly wear the messy sandal, but it was pointed out that it wouldn’t be fair to do more to her than to Marcia (Marcia pointed this out, to Kelly’s relief). So, the sandal was taken over to the kitchen sink and rinsed out. Mark seemed to do more rinsing than he did with the pump, running the water all over the outside and inside, the bottom of the sole, the heels. Kelly yelled Don’t you think that’s enough, you’re soaking my $125 shoes! Mark pointed out that all the straps and buckles held a lot more stuff than the pump, and was harder to wash out. When it was wiped off Kelly grabbed the sandal and put it on in what most people would describe as a huff.